There is nothing greater than religious harmony locally, nationally and internationally. We are very excited to announce that we will be opening our not for profit World Peace Center complex in 2018 in Locust Grove, Georgia on 60 acres of land which was donated by a devotee of our organization.

The World Peace Center will be a place of love for all where we promote peace and unity worldwide by bringing every culture, ethnicity, and religion together. Our mission is to preserve traditions, relieve stress, promote nonviolence and unity worldwide. We will offer support, services, training and classroom guidance to people of all ages who are in need.

More importantly, our organization is dedicated to supporting people faced with a life-threatening illness by providing support, guidance, and encouragement. We do not believe in ostracizing and we are here to help the patient maintain their dignity by educating their family and friends with services provided by top medical professionals.

In addition, we will continue to provide and aid organizations to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, promote health and wellbeing, human rights and the politically under-represented members of our global communities.

We are able to thrive because of your financial support and we are ambitious about providing the highest quality of services and opportunities for those in need. I invite you to see what the World Peace Center is doing and support what you value most.

We are looking forward to opening World Peace Centers around the world.

“Creating world peace has became my life-long commitment and journey. Our World Peace Center(s) will be a place where we can help transform the lives of millions of people. We can make a change and I encourage you to join us in our aspirations

and supporting our mission. We are STRONGER TOGETHER!”